Foot: France wins 2-1 against Spain after a final of madness and wins the League of Nations

the essential
The French football team won its first Nations League by beating Spain 2 goals to 1 this Sunday evening.

The French football team won the Nations League by beating Spain 2 goals to 1, this Sunday, October 10 in the evening in Milan (Italy). If the score went blank in the first half – with no scoring opportunity or even real action – the Spaniards opened the scoring in the second half thanks to a goal from Mikel Oyarzabal in the 64th minute of play.

Two minutes later, the Blues equalized thanks to a sublime goal from Karim Benzema, a shot to 16 meters in the top right corner of the Spanish goal.

The Blues took the advantage with a goal from Kylian Mbappé, who went on the edge of offside in the 80th minute of this match marked by duels of rare intensity. Pressed to the end, the French resisted the Spanish assaults. Hugo Lloris turned into an impassable wall with two decisive stops in the 88th and 94th minutes.

Thirteen months before the World Cup in Qatar (November 21-December 18, 2022), for which they are almost qualified, the Blues – reigning world champions – offer themselves their first Nations League. What to garnish their trophy cabinet a little more by taking over from Portugal from Cristiano Ronaldo, crowned in 2019.

At the end of the afternoon, Italy had won the small final 2-1 against Belgium.

The reactions

Karim Benzema, striker of the France team : “On a collective level and on a personal level, I really wanted to win a trophy with the France team, today it’s done. It was a difficult match against a very good team. showed strength of character, because this team is very, very strong, it never gives up and today we have proven it again. This is the sign of great teams, do not panic, wait and wait for the right moment . We did not give up until the end of the match, and we managed to score these two goals. I will take advantage of this trophy, and little by little we will qualify for the World Cup and go to the to look for ! »

Paul Pogba, midfielder of the France team : « We started badly with a first half where we were dominated. We had to react and we scored two minutes later. It’s true that we have to do better, we know it, but the result is that. is the victory at the end. If that’s how we have to win why not. (Regarding the flavor of the title) When we go to win a trophy, it’s always good. We are never satisfied and we have played a semi-final against a big team from Belgium and a final against a team from Spain with quality players. We were able to go up the slope. « 

Didier Deschamps at the end of the match between France and Spain, in Milan on Sunday evening.

Didier Deschamps at the end of the match between France and Spain, in Milan on Sunday evening.
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Didier Deschamps: « The best vitamin is to win titles »

Led and sometimes jostled in the half and then in the final, has the France team won the League of Nations thanks to its strength of character?

« It would be a little simplistic to say that, there are opponents who have quality. We found a scenario where for 20 minutes the France team had the ball. We then suffered, we quickly came back by changing two three things. We took more risks, we recovered higher, created more danger. Spain made us suffer, especially in the second part of the first period. But by putting more aggression, we made them suffer make mistakes. There is still that character and that state of mind that is essential to go for a title tonight. « 

The tournament validates a posteriori your tactical choices made during the Euro, does that give rise to regrets for you?

« There are no more regrets, it’s past, it’s behind, we had ten minutes of absence (against Switzerland in the round of 16, editor’s note). The scenario we experienced in the semi -final, that does not call into question what we have done before or what we have done since. Everything should not be thrown in the trash. The players are not all the same, moreover, there is excitement, competition. The best vitamin is to win titles. (…) There is no lack of confidence, what is behind is behind. The players have proven that ‘ They are still at the top level. OK, we had two draws in September. We had two very good European teams (in the League of Nations). The opponent can put us in difficulty. When there is a title at the end, so much the better, but if there had been a loss of confidence, we would surely not be in the final in Milan, and even less with victory in this League of Nations « .

What does Benzema bring to this team?

« Karim is an essential player. He proved it in these two matches. He has an obvious quality, he is in line with what he achieves in club, he has the rage to win and that’s something very communicative thing. I am happy for him, he needs this, because he is surely not going to play four or five competitions behind. He did everything to reach this trophy. Even if he was already at a very very good level, he has improved in many areas, footballistically already in his participation in the game. He is not the same player as in 2015, physically in particular, you have to see how sharp he is. ‘is more the same, he has matured. He has been at the top level for a while and I am very happy that he can have moments of joy in the France team. important ».

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