focus on sport and social ties to age well

From October 3 to 9, 2022, it’s « Blue Week » throughout France to « change our view of seniors and break down preconceived ideas » about old age. The small town of Saint-Caprais-de-Bordeaux, in Gironde, has organized many events. We have met retirees who are well in their minds.

« I didn’t think of anything » declares Régine, 69, visibly relaxed and delighted with this shared time discovering Taï Chi. It must be said that this Chinese discipline is particularly suitable for reconnecting with physical exercise and relaxation. « It allows you to calm down, to see what is important: what is serious and what is not! » realizes Chantal, who does not appear her 75 years.

That day, there was also, outside the « Walking foot » and they were several to lend themselves to the game of football while walking. « It helps to create links“explains this association manager who will also have wet the t-shirt.

In Saint Caprais, 3,500 inhabitants, 5% of whom are seniors, this is the first time that the municipality has organized this blue week, with local associations. « They are there, very present. And very dynamic since we have association managers who are part of these seniors !”, explains Anne-Marie Devevey, social affairs assistant of the municipality. And obviously, the event was attractive.

Asked in the 19/20, this October 4, Dr. Martine Burbaud, geriatrician and director of the Agirc-Arrco prevention center, explains that there are several axes to age well and keep in touch. This includes activity, nutrition, hearing and working on memory.

It indicates that one must notnot be carried away by our active life, our sedentary lifestyle« due to professional lives often spent sitting down and having to »force yourself to do sports and activities that bring health benefits.

At the Agirc-Arrco centre, some retirees are looking for a diagnosis and advice adapted to their case to keep moving, sharing, meeting people. It’s all this that contributes to succeed, in a way, this second life.

This blue week is also that for Dr. Burbaud, because we have to fight against ageism and stereotypes.

Nothing is inevitable. With fighting spirit and good will, we can stay in shape for a very long time!

Dr. Martine Burbaud

19/20 France 3 Aquitaine, October 4, 2020

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