[flashback] Pick’me! The incredible NFL videos that made the buzz in 2009

Tom Brady didn’t invent anything with his video, most likely edited. A few days ago, the Buccaneers quarterback took to the web with three balls sent to a ball-throwing machine.

Twelve years ago, in 2009, the NFL created an awesome campaign to get players to participate in the Fantasy Football leagues from its official site.

We discover players in the process of achieving incredible feats. The kickers and quarterbacks are devilishly precise, Chris Cooley pierces a placo wall to catch a ball, the receivers receive balls that they do not even see arriving, Laurence Maroney passes through a car …

A journey through memories with players who have sometimes fallen into oblivion. Obviously, everything seems to be heavily tampered with. Except for Andre Johnson, who has been seen playing without a quarterback on numerous occasions in official games.

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