five key acts of a season in hell

The Sword of Damocles had been hanging over their heads for many weeks already. Despite their success in Brest, it is now official: the Girondins de Bordeaux are relegated to Ligue 2, after 31 consecutive years in the elite of French football. Difficult now, at the time of the balance sheet, to choose the most revealing dates, as the Girondins season has gone from bad to worse. The takeover of the club by Gérard Lopez last summer, the arrival then the probably too late ousting of Vladimir Petkovic, his replacement without effect by David Guion, a failed winter transfer window in the great widths and extra-sporting turbulence… The Girondins have multiplied the bad choices on and off the field.

From the inaugural defeat (0-2) against the promoted Clermontois, to the sinking of Beaujoire (5-3) through the historic setback (0-1) against Olympique de Marseille, the slap (5-0) received in Reims and the nightmarish evening (0-2) against Montpellier, a look back at five acts that precipitated their fall.

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