five coaches dismissed in October, whose turn now?

Since the start of the Ligue 1 championship, five coaches have been sacked by their club. Mass departures which can be explained by the pressure suffered during a season with four runs.

October is not for everyone. Between the rain, the cold (maybe not this year), and the sun setting earlier and earlier, it’s hard not to think of the long winter nights that are approaching. But some have to reject this month more than anyone: the Ligue 1 coaches.

Who are the coaches fired and why?

Peter Bosz (Lyon), Jean Marc Furlan (Auxerre), Michel Der Zakarian (Brest) Oscar Garcia (Reims), and Olivier Dall’Oglio (Montpellier) have all been sacked by their club. Obviously, each of them was on a particularly negative streak. Peter Bosz remained on 5 consecutive games without a win, including 4 losses. If Lyon will not play maintenance a priori, the club had European ambitions. Ambitions still relevant, even if OL are 10 points behind Lens and the podium.

Oscar Garcia and Jean Marc Furlan were in a rather similar situation. The two clubs point to the 15th (Reims) and 16th (Auxerre) place with 9 points. Auxerre’s last victory dated back to matchday three, but Furlan was not helped by his gesture of humor during the match against Clermont (lost 2-1) where he gave the opposing public the middle finger . Oscar Garcia has meanwhile faced some personal concerns that have certainly accelerated his departure. In Brest, the conclusion is clear: last in the championship with a single victory. Michel Der Zakarian could not escape unscathed. Finally Olivier Dall’Oglio, last sacked, pays the recent results (three consecutive defeats). The Hérault club is 11thfar from the ambitions displayed by the club at the start of the season.

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Has the successor been found?

In this area, only Lyon has managed to find a successor. And not just any. Already contacted by OL before the arrival of Rudi Garcia in 2019 (in October), Laurent Blanc will be in charge of the seven-time champion of France. A nice pickaxe, but also a bet, “ President “Having not coached in Europe since 2016.

For others, confidence in the interim. Even if Auxerre seems to be close to Christophe Pélissier, the former coach of Lorient, the dynamic gives way to assistants. Michel Padovani is in place in the Yonne club, Will Still is in Reims, Romain Pitau will take care of the interim at least until the truce, that is to say the time of four meetings, and Bruno Grougi, who was coach of the reserve , takes place in Brest.

Who will be the next one ?

Difficult to play the Nostradamus. This season is particularly heavy for the clubs at the bottom of the table. Indeed, in order to promote Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 in anticipation of the next marketing of TV rights (2024), there will be 4 descents in the two championships in order to increase to 18 teams. More roadblocks, more calculations, more time. Teams in difficulty must earn points as quickly as possible, which encourages managers to quickly change coaches if the results are not up to par.

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A French trend?

The waltz of coaches is not just a French trend. In the Bundesliga, five teams have also separated from their coaches (Leipzig, Bochum, Leverkusen, Stuttgart and Schalke). In England and Italy, we are four. Bournemouth, Chelsea, Wolverhampton and Brighton in the Premier League and Bologna, Hellas Verona, Monza and Sampdoria in Serie A.

For Brighton, it is not a dismissal, Graham Potter having replaced Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea. Spain is doing better with two coaches thanked since the start of the season.

A first

It is the first time in the history of Ligue 1 that four coaches have been fired on the same day of the championship (the 10th daytime). Olivier Dall’Oglio benefited from an additional match, but without success (1-0 defeat against Lens).

Whether another feat will be beaten remains to be seen. Over the past twenty years, the record for the number of teams having changed coaches during the season is 11 (2004-2005 season). More than seven for 2022-2023.

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