Fisichella and Barrichello racing together in a Ferrari 488 GT3

They were to take part in an S5000 race on the sidelines of the Australian F1 GP in 2020 but the pandemic had damaged the meeting. Giancarlo Fisichella and Rubens Barrichello will meet at the end of the week and share the seat of a Ferrari 488 GT3 entered by Scuderia Baldini in Italian GT on the Vallelunga track. The 488 will carry the number #27.

Fisichella and Barrichello crossed swords in Formula 1 in the 2000s. The Italian driver is a regular at Scuderia Baldini, the team run by Fabio Baldini. In 2019, Fisichella shared his seat with Jacques Villeneuve within the Italian structure.

During a test session at Vallelunga, Rubens Barrichello was joined by his son Eduardo.

« We could not miss our national circuit of Vallelunga »said Fabio Baldini, « We will be there in style with the 488 GT3 aboard which will be our standard bearer, Giancarlo Fisichella, and Rubens Barrichello. After Jacques Villeneuve, we have managed to bring another great champion, Rubens, into our car. J I had the chance to meet him at Monza last April and we immediately hit it off. He would have liked to come back to racing in a Ferrari after 17 years, so I immediately made him an offer to race with us, which he immediately accepted. We are ready for our debut in the Endurance series this year, after the good results in the Sprint series with our two crews fighting for the title. »

Scuderia Baldini is the team that runs Nelson Panciatici in the Sprint series of the Italian GT.

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