First tensions between Chris Paul and the Warriors? Steve Kerr cash: “We will have to…”


The Warriors have hit the market hard by going to recover Chris Paul against Jordan Poole. We don’t know yet if it was the right choice, but the leaders have shown their desire to win this title. The exact role of CP3 in his new home remains to be known, and this is where it gets complicated. Steve Kerr tried to calm things down on his side.

Eager to take their revenge on the Lakers, and regain their throne, the Warriors caused mayhem on the market with the famous trade of Jordan Poole. A very surprising decision as a reminder, since the front office had granted an extension to the player in the summer of 2022. But his disappointing season and his rather bad relationship with the other members who make up this roster got the better of him.

To replace him, the Dubs have chosen to experiment with Chris Paul. Again, this coming could be a problem since the leader has been a rival for years. We remember, for example, a certain rivalry between Warriors and Clippers some time ago. Worse ? Draymond Green recalled that he didn’t like the person concerned in a recent podcasteven if the team takes priority.

The role of Chris Paul very undecided?

Players will do what is necessary for the good of the franchise, even if it means coming off the bench. Indeed, CP3 would like to be a starter according to some journalists, but Steve Kerr has not decided, he who opens the door to a sixth man role for the newcomer. In a recent interview with Mercury News, the coach wanted to temporize a bit.

Steve Kerr « We’ll have to see all that in training camp. Until we can see everyone on the court, together, we won’t be able to see what’s best for the team and what it looks like. But I’m very confident that it will work. We have great guys, great champions, great competitors. There is only one goal next year, and that is to win at the highest level possible. »

Kerr refuses to discuss the role of CP3, since nothing is decided to date. If the latter is attractive in a lineup with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, then it’s entirely possible that CP3 is in the starting 5, at least depending on the opponent. Nevertheless, an exit from the bench would be the most logical in the end.

So basically he’ll be a sixth man?

Steve Kerr does not choose (yet) concerning Chris Paul. He will have the right to prove himself in training camp, even if we are leaning heavily towards coming off the bench in a sixth man role. Not sure that the leader is delighted with this decision, however.


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