First official offer for Ben Simmons!

Ben Simmons is Again a Sixers player, but for how long? He announced his desire to leave several weeks ago, and if his leaders hold on for the moment, the offers should start pouring in. According to an ESPN reporter, the first official proposal has arrived.

As training camp approaches, time is running out for Ben simmons and the leaders of the Sixers … The leader still wants to leave, after the fiasco of the last playoffs and the many criticisms against him, especially from his teammates like Joel Embiid, and the more time passes, the less Daryl Morey will be able to recover a huge package in exchange for his player.

Especially since the latter is ready to strike and not to attend training, even if it means taking a huge sanction from his franchise. Under these conditions, it is better to find a way out for him rather than end up with one less player on the restart. Moreover, Internet users have had a humiliating enough idea to settle the situation, and it concerns Kendall Jenner.

But according to information from Brian Windhorst ofESPN, this long soap opera of the summer could quickly know its epilogue. As he announced on his podcast, a first official offer has been sent to the Philadelphia executives by a small league team. For the moment no answer, but the file is moving forward.

I know a team that made an official offer to the Sixers, who are very interested in Ben Simmons, but it hasn’t all been publicized yet. It’s a small market, which is understandable since it’s the only way for this team to attract such a player. We often talk about Minnesota and Cleveland, and apart from now, when can they afford an All-Star?

If Ben Simmons leaves, it will undoubtedly be in a young and promising team, but in reconstruction. This does not necessarily mean a decrease in ambition since with the Australian leader, the Wolves would for example look very good. But still according to Windhorst, the negotiations will be difficult for one simple reason: the Sixers are demanding. He compares the situation to the real estate market.

The Ben Simmons case is like buying a new home. You like the neighborhood, the neighbors, but you realize that we have to redo a whole wing of the house… You are not going to pay the price demanded by the owner because you have to think about the work that will be behind for everything remake. It’s a pretty basic situation after all. He’s an attractive player, but he’s damaged.

Ben Simmons is coveted, but not at all costs. No deductible will compromise his to come up for the leader in great lack of confidence.

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