First major step in the big leagues for Victor Wembanyama!

Victor Wembanyama hasn’t had a chance to show off this season yet, blamed on a pretty fierce virus, but things could quickly change. Indeed, he has just received incredible news for his return, he will experience the first major stage of his career.

This season must be the one of confirmation for Victor Wembanyama. Raised to the rank of star last season, notably thanks to his viral video with Rudy Gobert, the young French pivot knows that he is being watched and that he will be watched all year round by the NBA scouts. Moreover, to be helped in his progress, the future n ° 1 of Draft has made the decision to join ASVEL, a EuroLeague club which knows the formula for making players of very high level.

But the young Frenchman will have to take his troubles patiently before exploding on the European and even national scene, because for the moment, Victor Wembanyama is struggling to find a real place in the rotation. He only participated in one EuroLeague match, and again he only played 3 minutes, and has not yet had the chance to show up in Betclic Elite, the fault of an illness that lasted longer. of 3 weeks.

Victor Wembanyama at the Blues!

Back in the group, the pivot who shone this summer during the U19 World Cup will have to make up for lost time. The good news is that he will have the chance to progress quickly since he was invited by Vincent Collet to the next meeting of the France team! A great first which should be particularly beneficial.

The France team is preparing to play its first qualifying matches for the 2023 World Cup, and Victor Wembanyama will be there! So no, he should not know his first selections, since he will only be there for training, but this discovery of the international requirement can only be beneficial for a 17-year-old player who still has everything to learn despite his immense talent.

And what better way to progress than to receive advice from Vincent Collet, a coach renowned on the international scene for his magnificent performances at the head of the Blues? And then this summons will also allow us to see how the pivot of ASVEL fits into such a talented and experienced group, since in the long term, he should become the incumbent on post 5. A first major step in a career which should be long and successful.

Victor Wembanyama will be able to gain experience quickly with all his teammates during this internship. preperation. It’s up to him to make the best of it!

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