First leaks on the future of Damian Lillard in Portland!

After the new early elimination of the Blazers, Damian Lillard showed some signs of annoyance with his frankness and the level of his teammates … While the rumors of departure are more and more numerous, some information from the player’s camp has leaked! And it doesn’t necessarily smell good.

Usually very calm, peaceful, and loyal to his lifelong frankness, Damian lillard was a little more vocal after the recent elimination of his team in the playoffs… For the fourth time in 5 seasons, the Blazers have failed to pass the first round, results which do not reflect talent at all of the leader!

And this new disappointment may have been one too many. Hours after the meeting, the All-Star took to Instagram to make a quite controversial publication questioning its future… Which came to support the fears felt by fans after his press conference. Lady openly asserted that his team was too bad to dream of success !

If we add to that disagreements over the new Blazers coach, we obtain a potentially explosive situation… For Jabari Young of CNBC, who obviously has some sources in the Lillard clan, the situation would be very simple: the leader wants proof of the ambition of his leaders! He won’t make a decision until after the offseason!

For the moment, the leaders have given no indication suggesting a possible exchange for the leader. But Damian Lillard and his agent Aaron Goodwin may well change the tone of the conversations. A close friend of the Lillard clan has revealed to us that he will wait to see the decisions made by his leaders in the offseason before discussing his future.

As Giannis Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee last season, Damian Lillard could well put pressure on his leaders in the hope of seeing help arrive! An effective method in Wisconsin since the Greek Freak is now supported by a leader of the caliber of Jrue Holiday! The question now is who to target for Portland …

Because to bring beautiful people to Oregon you will have to agree to pay the luxury tax, a considerable financial effort for an owner … Whether these first leaks are true or not, the summer promises to be eventful for the Blazers! The squad should however move after the new failure in the first round.

Blazers leaders are going to have a summer hinge for the future of the franchise! If they disappoint Damian Lillard, the All-Star point guard might just pack his bags, and there’s no shortage of offers!

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