first in the Finals and a triple-double, almost never seen


A hair’s breadth from the triple-double average over the regular season, Nikola Jokic has definitely accelerated the pace in these Playoffs. 29.8 points – 10.5 assists – 13.1 rebounds, dirty. So, when we arrive in the NBA Finals, we might as well continue to have fun by swinging the stat all the way. 27/14/10, Niko went into record mode to start his journey in the Finals, sorry the Heat.

A triple-double for his first career NBA Finals game. If you still had doubts about the legitimacy of the Joker, here you are served. Absolutely no one had one, but let’s move on. Already incredible, the Serbian’s performance takes on even more intensity when you take a slight look in the retro. Because so far, only Jason Kidd had achieved such a feat.

With 23 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds, J-Kidd landed a triple-double on the head of the Lakers in Game 1 of the 2002 NBA Finals. a pair of legends. To go into the more detailed analysis, we can note a few small differences between these performances. Already, the performance of Jokic allowed the Nuggets to seek victory in this Game 1, when Jason and the Nets had let LA take the lead in the series. We are not going to stop there, but it is generally the most important, especially when a title can follow three games later.

Aren’t you happy? Triple-double.

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) June 2, 2023

Then, the pivot scored a little more than Kidd. If the difference is only four points, the feeling is much more violent to see the face of Niko’s money time. The fourth quarter, interspersed with false hopes of a Florida comeback, saw the double MVP sit on the last minutes of the match and break the slightest momentum in favor of Erik Spoelstra’s band. Finally, and since the Serbian glutton is never satisfied, he sprinkled the meeting with caviar to all his open teammates, even if only for half a second.

“Ah you want to double? OK. «

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) June 2, 2023

Result ? 14 assists and a new record in a first appearance in the NBA Finals. Bobby Wanzer and his 9 December passes in 1951 can go get dressed, the Joker is in place. “Hooks” Wanzer therefore leaves his place in the hierarchy to a double MVP… and to Jamal Murray who also went there with his 10 assists last night. This is a new feat that the Ball Arena has witnessed, since Jamal and Nikola join the duos Jordan – Pippen and Magic Johnson – James Worthy as the only ones to have recorded more than 10 assists each in a Finals match.

Most assists in a first career NBA Finals game: Bobby Wanzer, 9 (1951 Finals).

Nikola Jokic tonight: 14.


— Nicolas TrashTalk (@niclsvrg) June 2, 2023

So much for the results of a statistical evening in boss mode for the Joker. Given the rhythm of the boy, we are not far from thinking that we will get as many triple-doubles as these Finals will have matches. It’s almost too easy, so a little challenge for you Niko: Magic’s 21 assists during Game 3 of the 84 Finals, isn’t it?


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