First home for the Musketeers


Let's Go Musketeers!
Let’s Go Musketeers! (T.Savoja,

Zach Edwards
Zach Edwards (T.Savoja,

There are victories that are good and this first home of the Parisians is classified in this category. After 3 defeats in a row the Musketeers had to react by receiving the Hamburg Sea Devils.

However, the match got off to a tricky start for the locals, since after a well-controlled drift, the QBQuarterback
it’s the team’s strategist. He decides tactics with his coaches. He is responsible for passing the ball to his runners and distilling the passes to his receivers.
of the Sea Devils Preston Haire found his WR Malik Stanley for a Touch downTouchdown (TD)
it is the test which is worth 6 points and which can be converted into 1 or 2 points. It is sufficient that the ball enters the end zone. (no need to flatten)
9 yards (0-7 Sea Devils). The Musketeers are forced to punt but a clumsy snapper causes a big loss of ground. The Germans recover the leather on the opposing 20 yards. Moments later, their Kicker Eric Schlomm passes a Field GoalField Goal (FG)
3-point kick performed most often on the 4th attempt when the attack has been blocked. It is played from where the last action ended. If successful, it’s 3 points and commitment. In case of failure, possession changes sides but there are two possibilities: before the snapSnap
starting signal of the action, when the center passes the ball to the QB.
the ball was inside the 20 yards, we will then replace the ball on the 20 yards line where it was placed beyond the 20 yards, we will replace it in the same place.
35 yards (0-10 Sea Devils).

At the start of the second quarter, the Parisian QB is put under pressure and is sack twice. Fortunately, a few minutes later while the Sea Devils are in the Parisian « Red Zone », CB #9 Kenny Floret makes a interceptionInterception
QB pass caught by a defender (an opponent).
in the end zoneEnd Zone
10-yard end zone located on each side of the field.
. The beginning of the revolt? Most certainly as less than two minutes from halftime, Zach Edwards completes an 18-yard pass for WR #14 Cheikou Son which brings the hosts 7-10.

Here we are in the third quarter. The Musketeers continue on their spear and pass when Zach Edwards signs his second Touchdown of the evening on a pass from 33 yards for his WR Kyle Sweet. The transformation and misses and Paris leads 13-10. The game at the foot of the visitors is irreproachable and Eric Schlomm passes a second Field Goal from 35 yards to equalize 13-13.

Preston Haire
Preston Haire (T.Savoja,

At the start of the last quarter, he added 3 new points with a FG of 36 yards (13-16 Sea Devils). A legendary hunt will follow! After a 71-yard drive, Zach Edwards finds Kyle Sweet again for a 9-yard touchdown (20-16 Musketeers). Hamburg then misses a 4th attempt and the Musketeers have to bridge. But with less than 6 minutes left on the clock, Preston Haire found his RBRunning Back (RB)
Generic term that encompasses HBs and FBFullback (FB)
powerful and versatile rider. He plays the role of blocker, receiver and bulldozer with the ball in hand. Constitutes with halfbacks (HB), running backs (RB).
Jakob Michaelsen for a TD from 33 yards (20-23 Sea Devils). The Parisians no longer have a choice and after a smoothly led drive, Zach Edwards scored the 3rd TD of his evening with a pass from 9 yards for Florian Larose which gave the Musketeers a decisive advantage 27-23.

The defense held firm and The Musketeers (2-3) signed their first home victory against the Sea Devils (2-3) and replaced themselves in a Western Conference largely dominated by the Rhein Fire (5-0).

The Musketeers are clearly on the rise but they will have to be solid next week away to Stuttgart against the Surge who beat them at home.

All the photos of the match are here!

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