First drive of the Porsche LMDh



Excitement is gradually mounting as the great revival of Endurance approaches, with the arrival of new manufacturers in Hypercar and LMDh. In this last category, Porsche is the first to run its prototype.

The plan is in motion

2022 is a long-awaited year for Endurance, as Toyota, Glickenhaus and Alpine will soon no longer be alone. Peugeot must debut its Hypercar 9×8, which we do not yet know if it will be at Le Mans, and Porsche is actively preparing its entry into the LMdh category. A few weeks after unveiling the first pictures of his car in camouflage, a first video circulated on the net, allowing you to appreciate the Porsche in motion and with sound as a bonus.

Frenchman Fréderic Makowiecki, alias « Mako », official Porsche driver in WEC GTE, was at the wheel. Based on the Multimatic chassis (the LMDh prototypes are built on the basis of chassis offered by 4 suppliers, including Oreca), the LMdh Porsche prototype finally unveils its front end. We notice, on both sides of the large wheel arches, a long flat bonnet which should give a very beautiful style to these LMDhs, which will be able to evolve in both WEC and IMSA thanks to the convergence on which the two championships and the establishment of a BoP in order to balance performance with Hypercars.

« Frankly, it was a very positive first run », comments Frédéric Makowiecki. “We were able to do a few laps and find out that the car was working as expected. Now we have a good starting point to move forward. My first thought went to all the people who worked for months to get this Porsche LMDh to hit the track. It is a very moving moment to be able to represent them. »

The suspense of the engine

The video also allows you to hear the sound of the engine, whose specifications are still unknown and which, remember, will be coupled to a standard hybrid system. The LMDh regulations specify that the engine must be based on a production engine, knowing that the total power is fixed at around 680 horsepower. Passing in a straight line allows you to hear the « felt » tone of a turbo engine. Rumors evoke the Porsche Cayenne’s twin turbo V8, but it could be more of a 6-cylinder that would optimize space and weight. In any case, it’s not the Flat 6 atmo of the 911 RSR GTE whose vocals are bewitching)


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