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For their first game of the season at home (the second will be played this Sunday), the Raptors of Reims lost this Saturday evening 5 goals to 4 after extra time against the Saint Médard team at the Trois Fontaines gymnasium. In a very close match, the Rémois were keen to confirm their good results from last weekend. The suspense was present until the last seconds of the match, proving if necessary that the championship will be difficult for all the teams.


Terry Lefranc’s men decided to put some intensity from the start of the match but the hopes of scoring are diminished by haste. It is even the Saint Médard team that most often shoots on goal. Hugo Delabre, with a long shot, still delivered the locals just before the 6th minute. The Rémois collect a first sanction and play for 2 minutes in numerical inferiority, without consequence. Goalkeeper Adam Courroux protects his cage well. A few moments later, the scenario is reversed. Raptors find themselves in a favorable situation following a collision. After a nice interception, Jimi Lefranc is not far from doubling the bet but the shot is well stopped. It was not until the 27th minute to see Valentin Splingart fire a shot on the left wing into the top corner of the opposing goal (2-0). But in the process, the Girondin hockey players reduced the score on a badly cleared puck. The referee then intervenes for quite a long time with the two captains to put an end to the clashes on both sides. The game then balances out and Saint Médard comes back to score with yet another long shot just one minute before the break. The two teams return to the locker room back to back (2-2).

At the start of the second period, the Raptors offered great promise with first-line shots. They were quickly rewarded by Maxime Colas, with a furious goal that put the Raptors back on track. The Reims hockey players, playing a little higher, were finally trapped by a 3 against 1 counter-attack. Again tied, it was Saint Médard who regained the advantage as the 43rd minute approached. The Rémois fight and defend aggressively to snatch the equalizer. Maxime Colas, with a high stick, pays the price and reduces the team with a 5 minute penalty. At 3 against 4 the chances are dwindling for the locals but 30 seconds from the end, a saving goal from Valentin Splingart allows his team to go into extra time, in front of relieved spectators. The penalty of exclusion still running during extra time, the Rémois evolve to three outfield players against two. It only took 41 seconds for the Rollerbugs of Saint Médard to score the winning goal sealing the end of the match (4-5). The Rémois still come out with a small point from this match before tomorrow’s match against La Teste.


Terry Lefranc, RHR coach: “It was a very tactical match and we wanted to play well defensively, we countered them well but we conceded the goals mainly on individual errors. we weren’t « killers » enough in front of the goal even though we had chances in the second half. The hardest thing now is to raise our heads after a defeat, but we have experienced players and we are going to rest well because tomorrow we will be at the gymnasium at 9.30 am for the match against La Teste. »


🆚 The Test
🏆 4th day of N1
📅 Sunday, October 2, 2022
⌚ 3 p.m.
🏟 3 Fontaines gymnasium, in Reims (51)

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