First confirmed clash for LeBron and the Lakers, fans in heaven!

The NBA is taking its time before unveiling the schedule for the season, which should land next week if all goes well. Nevertheless, some journalists already have access to some information, including a confrontation for Christmas Day. Lakers fans are in heaven, because there will be spectacle.

Unlike other years, the NBA drags a bit to reveal the schedule for the season. An always important moment for the teams, who want to know more about the months to come, especially in terms of rest and backs-to-backs. For the fans, it is also a special moment, since certain dates are highly anticipated, like Christmas Day. The Lakers should be there, at least according to Marc Stein.

First Christmas Day game revealed!

The insider has already revealed a match for December 25, which promises to be explosive. While many hope for a confrontation between the Grizzlies and the Warriors, we already know that the Lakers will be there, and will face the Mavericks according to Stein. A confirmed first poster, which will obviously please the fans. LeBron James against Luka Doncic? It promises to be special.

The Lakers will go to Dallas, LeBron will face Luka for Christmas Day. Changes are still possible before the schedule is unveiled next week, but Christmas Day matches generally don’t change.

It is therefore not certain that this Lakers / Mavericks will take place at 100%, but it is extremely rare for the NBA to change the posters for December 25. That shouldn’t bother fans of both franchises, who are hoping for some action.

This is what Christmas Day matches should look like

It should have been Mavs vs Suns

Dallas versus Los Angeles? A good match in perspective, even if some would have preferred a revenge of the last playoffs. Everything can still change according to Marc Stein, so we will have to wait until next week to be sure. Whatever happens, we can hope for the show.

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