Finger of honor, karaoke: the crazy images of debauchery of Kevin Durant

Quickly sent on vacation this year by the Celtics, Kevin Durant took the opportunity to make a short getaway to Europe, and in particular to Greece. New photos and videos of his nocturnal outings on the spot have just surfaced, and are logically creating a buzz!

Rather than moping about his fate, you might as well respect his true nature. Kevin Durant followed this philosophy following the elimination of the Nets in the playoffs, and therefore did not brood over this failure for long in Brooklyn. For a change of scenery and ideas, the Slim Reaper only waited a few days to take the plane, and reach the European continent to follow there… the exploits of AS Monaco Basket. But not only.

When Kevin Durant returns a box to Greece

On the road in Athens for the EuroLeague quarter-finals, KD took the opportunity to visit the local nightlife establishments. This did not earn him only compliments, and in particular a not really flattering comparison with LeBron James. Never mind the 2014 MVP who had a great time in Greece, posing in a very special way for photos with fans!

Was Durantula already fed up with the flashes, or did he just want to give himself a good badass reputation on the shores of the Aegean Sea? Everyone will choose the version that suits them. Anyway, he obviously did not try to go incognito on the spot. Evidenced by the video where he appears close to the DJ of the BLAST nightclub… microphone in hand on heavy US rap!

Decidedly, KD got some real rockstar treatment on the spot. What a good contrast with the stormy welcome he was able to receive in the hall of Olympiakos a few hours earlier!

Kevin Durant will have benefited from his trip to Greece, where he will not have gone unnoticed at all in the club where he took a dip. A way to leave great memories for local fans, and why not increase the Nets fanbase!

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