Fine for Atalanta after insults against the boss of Fiorentina

Atalanta Bergamo was fined 12,000 euros on Tuesday for discriminatory chants sung on Sunday by its supporters against Fiorentina boss Rocco Commisso during the match of the 8th day of Serie A, won by Atalanta (1-0).

The Disciplinary Committee of the Italian League pronounced this sanction because of the “territorial choirs” sung by supporters of the Bergamo club “against the president and a player from the opposing team”before the game and before the start of the second half.

In a country very divided between the industrial North and the underprivileged South, slogans and songs aimed at the inhabitants of the Mezzogiorno are considered acts of « territorial discrimination » and are punished as racist insults.

« We have witnessed a shameful episode, not of a single individual but of a whole shift »had denounced the general manager of Fiorentina, Joe Barone, Italian-American like Rocco Commisso.

In August, Fiorentina itself was fined 15,000 euros following chants from some of its supporters demanding an eruption of Vesuvius, the volcano that overlooks Naples, the main city in the south.

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