Finally the end of the Lock-Out

Finally, for a few days, the lockout supposed to put the start of the MLB season on hold has been suspended. Compromises were made between the league and the players’ union, with things going more or less in order. But how will the season, already delayed, be pinned down?

The latest disagreements

In recent days, several topics were still on the table regarding the negotiations between the two parties. It was obviously a question of big money, with an increase in the salary cap, or even the increase in the number of teams in the playoffs, going from 10 to 12. But other details were still being considered, such as the limitation of shifts, these defensive strategies consist in modulating its collective placement according to the striker and which somewhat distorts the game. Or the increase in the size of the bases, which will undoubtedly favor the attack.

Obligatory duplicates to go to the end

Inevitably, by postponing the start of the season, initially scheduled for March 31, the timing to meet the deadlines was going to be very tense. In an already overloaded calendar, complicated to stick to the schedule initially planned. Suddenly, to catch up with the series put on stand-by, the MLB has therefore chosen to carry out double days as we announced to you. For the good of baseball across the Atlantic, and for the fans, it will only be better. With finally only a short week of delay, the breakage was limited.  » I am sincerely excited to announce that MLB is back and we will play 162 games said a relieved league boss Manfred.

The transfer and trade market finally launched

With the announcement of the end of the lockout, after 99 days, the franchises were finally able to focus on the essential: the sportsman. And for the past week, the signatures have been linked in all directions. We can remember pell-mell, the extension of Justin Verlander, injured for 2 years, at the Houston Astros, Kris Bryant landing in Colorado, at the Rockies for 7 years and $ 182M, Zach Greinke, back where it all began , with the Kansas City Royals. Speaking of return, we can also mention that of Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees, he who had finished the season on the side of the Big Apple. Kyle Schwarber landed in Philadelphia or Seiya Suzuki, who was waiting for him with the Red Sox and who finally signed with the Cubs for $85 million. Very active after the arrivals of Kevin Gausman, Yusei Kikuchi and especially Matt Chapman, the Toronto Blues Jays would also like to secure the services of Jose Ramirez, of the Cleveland Guardians, who finished a very small playoff victory last week. last year. Finally Freddie Freeman, the man from Atlanta, has left his homeland to join the Dodgers who are attracting one of the big fish available on the market. Amount of the operation: $162M over 6 years.
And it’s probably not over! Until the recovery, the market is likely to be still lively, since the start of the season is fast approaching.

Baseball fans can blow their minds. While the exchanges have long been tense, the situation has finally settled down, and the season will be able to take place in its entirety. And until then, transfer rumors and pre-season matches will liven up the end of winter.

Photo credit: passionMLB

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