Finally some big news for Steph Curry and the Warriors?

After the Lakers, it’s the turn of the Warriors to suffer 4 straight defeats in the West. It’s not a good time for Steve Kerr’s men, who will have to wake up. That’s good, the coach has received excellent news, which involves Draymond Green. It was time for the interior.

Despite an overall record of 43 wins for 21 losses, the Warriors are not in a great pass. They recently lost their second place in the West to the Grizzlies, who are in a very good period. For Steve Kerr and their men, it’s another story, as evidenced by this series of 4 defeats, including the last against the Lakers, 116-124.

Klay Thompson is much less skilful, just like Steph Curry, which does not shine as much as at the start of the season. Andrew Wiggins is not very consistent which makes for a fairly average mix on arrival for the Dubs. For the fans, no choice, we have to wait for the return of Draymond Green, who changes a lot of things in this roster.

The Warriors infirmary soon to be empty?

But if you follow Golden State a bit, then you know Green has missed a lot of games. A back injury explains this, and his return keeps being postponed. Originally, Dray was supposed to return at the end of February, but his pain continued. Fortunately, Adrian Wojnarowski has some good news.

Draymond Green should be back in 7-10 days. He had a workout in Los Angeles, they stayed there after the loss to the Lakers.

Without Green, the Dubs are 15-15, which drops to 28-6 in his presence. No doubt, the interior changes everything when he is on the floor, even if his return date is still unknown. The important thing is that the player will be on a basketball court before the start of the playoffs, allowing fans to have hope.

After the loss to the Angelinos, Curry held a very strong speech in front of the journalists. Whether Green is present or not, the point guard wants a reaction from his team, and quickly if possible. We will watch the next game carefully.

Draymond Green finally back? It would be perfect for the Warriors, who need their player on the court. A short week to hold for Steph Curry and company, who do not want to wait to react. To monitor.

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