Final agreement for Milik at Juventus

It has been in the air in recent days: OM are getting rid of their Polish centre-forward who is going to Italy as part of a paid loan with an option to buy.

It’s done for Arkadiusz Milik: the Polish center-forward, will therefore bounce back in Italy, where he has already had the good days of Napoli. This time it will be at Juventus who were looking for a completeness to their star center forward Dusan Vlahovic and who failed to come to an agreement with Memphis Depay.

No offensive reinforcements

Arrived on a paying loan then in a final transfer from Naples to relaunch for the Euro, Milik will therefore leave on the same terms: a loan with a non-compulsory purchase option. 1 million paying loan and 7 million purchase option. Milik will be looking to get playing time in the league and the Champions League to revive himself for the World Cup.

Important clarification as the excitement around a hypothetical arrival of Ronaldo in Marseille takes on rather incongruous proportions, OM believe at this time to be largely supplied at the offensive level and therefore do not plan to replace him

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