FIFA 23 game adds Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco and Cameroon among playable nations

(Ecofin Agency) – In Africa, video game enthusiasts have often complained about the poor representation of the continent in sports simulations. This concern, which seems trivial, could nevertheless have a greater impact.

Game publisher EA Sports will add Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia and Cameroon as playable nations in the new iteration of its FIFA football video game. According to insiders, this addition could occur at the start of the game, or a few days before the start of the World Cup for which these countries represent the African continent.

The information was massively relayed by African Internet users. Many video game enthusiasts have been complaining for several months about the absence of African nations on Fifa 22. For many, the most famous game in football did not reflect the progress made by African football in recent years. Some also believe that the presence of African teams in the game helps their communication by making them known in parts of the world that their communication cannot reach.

Despite everything, the challenges of adding African teams exceed the benefits on team communication. In all the countries mentioned, the practice of eSport, competitive video games, has made real progress in recent years. Only Morocco has managed to send players to the Fifa eNations Cup, the equivalent of the World Cup in this video game. For its part, Senegal has become one of the main scenes thanks to the launch of its first eSports club named Solo Esports. The team did much of its promotion through the Fifa game. Ghana, Tunisia and Cameroon have also made significant efforts to structure their countries’ eSports scenes.

Their presence in the game will allow these countries to increase the potential audience of their eSports events thanks to the people who will be attracted by the presence of their national team in the game. It is this potential audience that allows eSports to attract sponsorship by allowing advertisers to promote their brands.

The addition of African nations on Fifa could therefore increase the potential audience of competitions on this game and allow their promoters to attract more advertising expenditure. While advertising spending in this sub-sector is still low, it is likely to increase in the coming years, especially with the arrival of electronic sports at the 2028 Olympic Games.

Servan Ahougnon

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