FIFA 23 brings 3 new icons – In return, 6 legendary players must leave

FIFA 23’s 100 icons have been announced. However, there are a few legendary names missing from the list that will not have an icon card in FIFA 23.

Vancouver, Canada – FIFA 23 is about to launch and EA is gearing up to make big announcements for the end of September. This time around, the Vancouver developer has announced all the icons that will be found in FIFA 23 – the class of 23. There should be 100 icons in total, but six FIFA 22 icons are not on the list. We show you which icons will be removed from FIFA 23.

game name FIFA 23
Release (date of first publication) September 30, 2022
Publisher Electronic Arts
Series Fifa
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
Developer EA Sports
Gender soccer simulator

FIFA 23: All Icons Featured – These Legends Must Go

What happened ? All icons of FIFA 23 are known. EA revealed on its official website which legendary players will receive an icon card in FIFA 23. Three new icons for FIFA 23 were previously leaked, but they are now confirmed by the Vancouver developer. This brings the total number of icon cards that can be chosen in FUT to 100. But a closer look at the list reveals that six legendary footballers have lost their icon status.

Here are the missing icons: It was to be expected that Diego Maradona would be absent from FIFA 23. After his passing in November 2020 and an ensuing legal battle, Maradona was removed from FIFA 22. Although some leaks claim that the icon should be back in FIFA 23, there is no trace on the list. In the previous installment, anyone who fired Maradona can rejoice – but it seems like he’s been missing entirely now. The image below shows the other five missing icons.

Six icons that will be missing in FIFA 23

Guardiola, Deco and Inzaghi will likely be missed by most fans. Their ratings struggled to hold their own among other icons and were more like food for SBC. Giggs won’t feature in FIFA 23 either. Although the Welsh legend’s values ​​were a bit higher, there were better options for this player as well. Following a harassment scandal, the Marc Overmars card has been removed from FIFA 22 and will also have no place in FIFA 23.

Casillas and Cafu: Initially, it was leaked that Casillas and Cafu would also be stripped of their icon status. On EA’s site, entries were also missing from the list. The developer has added the two football icons, so it is now certain that Casillas and Cafu will appear in FIFA 23 as icon cards.

FIFA 23: All the icons are known – These three football legends will have new cards

New icons: With the announcement of FIFA 23’s 100 Icons, three additional Legendary Players have achieved Icon status. A leak had already revealed the identity of these new icons, but the official confirmation has just fallen. Gerd Müller, Xabi Alonso and Jairzinho are the new icons of FIFA 23. You can admire the Class of 23 in all their glory in the image below.

All Icons in FIFA 23

The ratings of the new icons are slightly disputed by fans. While Müller isn’t bad with an overall rating of 94, fans feel he definitely deserved more due to his legendary performances. Alonso, with a pace rating of 70, will be pretty useful for performing SBCs – he probably won’t really be playable.

Jairzinho, with an overall rating of 92 and pace of 94, is likely to feature more often in the Ultimate Team. As a 5-star killer, the Brazilian will be able to decide a few games on his own. Huge rating changes in FIFA 23 will make online play very interesting again – some of the new top players can already be seen here.

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