[Fiches Draft] Zach Moss (RB), strong and versatile

An interesting panel for a team lacking power at the running back position

Zach Moss – Running back – 22 – Senior – Utah

Cut : 1m75

Weight : 101 kg

Estimated draft position: 3rd round

Stats 2019: 13 games, 235 carries, 1416 yards, 15 touchdowns, 28 receptions, 388 yards 2 touchdowns

NFL Comparison: CJ Anderson

Strong points

– Power
– Hands
– Password Protection
– Patience

Seeing Zach Moss evolve on the field, it is obvious that his first quality is power. He absorbs contacts very well and gives out a few good tampons from time to time. This power also translates very well to pass protection where he will be able to help his future team. The former Ute may not have incredible speed, but he knows how to follow his blocks and avoid defenders who attack the gaps with too much impatience. In an ideal world, Moss could be on a committee of early-career runners to gradually take over the starting position and line up on all 3 attempts.

The former Utah Utes running back also has backfield qualities. Even though he released a few balls by looking away too quickly, his hands are pretty steady and he should be an interesting target on check downs. In general, his mobility is surprising for a running back as heavy as him. He won’t be able to dodge 5 or 6 defenders, but he manages his balance very well.

One important and perhaps sometimes too overlooked thing, Zach Moss is a running back who will very rarely lose ground. Whether it’s his ability to push the pile of players in front of him or simply by not overdoing it, he will prevent his team from losing too many yards on a bad choice of play.

Weak points

– Speed
– Longevity

On the run, Zach Moss will be a weapon on short and medium range games in the NFL, but his speed is insufficient to see him consistently pull off big wins. Today’s linebackers and safeties mostly have the speed to catch Moss. It is rather unlikely to see him win the race against the linebacker on the outside of the offensive line.

Widely used on the Utah side, the question of longevity arises for Zach Moss. With 788 worn over the last 3 seasons and a meniscus operation, it is possible that several teams will skip their turn when choosing it, but that does not mean that it cannot be useful to a team in need. of power at the running back position.

Possible destinations

Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Chargers, New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans

In Green Bay, Aaron Jones brings a lot in the air, but he does not have the same consistency on the ground. Moss would bring stability and hardness to the ground. On the side of Los Angeles, Zach Moss would be a very good complement to an Austin Ekeler who excels in leaving the backfield.

Alvin Kamara proved to be an extremely explosive player, but also that he struggled to get by on his own when he was expected on the ground. Moss could take over the role that Mark Ingram had until the end of the 2018 season. Another possibility would be to see Zack Moss arrive at the Texans, which would give Deshaun Watson a breather. The running back would provide stability on pass protection and could tire defenses with repeated runs.



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