[Fiches Draft] Trevor Penning (OT), ode to violence


Trevor Penning – Offensive Tackle – 22 years – Senior Northern Iowa

Cut : 2m01

Weight : 146kg

Estimated draft position: 10-20

Stats 2021: 12 matches, 1 sack conceded

NFL Comparison: Taylor Lewan

Strong points

– Hands
– Aggressiveness
– Build / Athletic Abilities
– Potential

A name that rises as the event approaches, Trevor Penning has been able to put himself forward despite a university course carried out at the second level. Particularly in view during the Senior Bowl a few weeks ago, the player from Northern Iowa confirmed his qualities in the 1st rank, including hands of rare speed and violence. A major quality that makes him capable of annihilating the assault of his opposite. This work of the hands is made even more effective by a propensity to play extremely aggressive. Penning is a fighter who knows how to be mean and who pushes his effort until the end of the action leaving no respite to his opponent.

A true mountain, Penning has measurements and proportions to make NFL scouts dream. Beyond 2m, he remains extremely fast and explosive as shown by his astonishing time of 4.89 on the 40 yards during the combine. With such physical qualities and such a powerful game, he offers his future staff immense potential in all aspects of the game. Both in the pass protection phases and in the running phases, where he has proven that he could be a more than decent blocker, but where his profile could be devastating at the top echelon.

Weak points

– Balance
– Objection

Sometimes carried away by his ardor, Penning is not always irreproachable with his balance. Not always well anchored in the ground, it can be surprised during certain phases. His future staff will have to teach him to channel his power and his explosiveness to maintain the pressure.

Member of a 2nd level university program, Penning has not crossed swords with the gratin of pass rushers. This physical phenomenon has logically largely dominated his adversity, but despite a largely convincing Senior Bowl, he will have to confirm against the NFL stars.

Possible destinations

New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers

Able to start quickly, Penning could find a place on the right as well as on the left. Behind a trio of tackles promised in the top 10, he appears to be the best of the others, and a solution that would be much more than a consolation prize. Its propensity to evolve in different patterns makes it even more attractive. Orphan of Terron Armstead, the Saints, who now have two choices in the 1st round, could particularly appreciate his profile and consider him as the counterpart to Ryan Ramczyk. The Ravens’ running game would come out stronger with the addition of a player of his potential in the field while finding Orlando Brown’s successor sent to the Chiefs in 2021.


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