[Fiches Draft] Marvin Wilson (DT), a revenge to be taken | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

Marvin Wilson – Defensive Tackle – 22 – Senior – Florida State

Cut : 1m96

Weight: 138 kg

Estimated position in the draft: 2nd round

2020 stats: 17 tackles including 2 for losses, 1 sack

NFL Comparison: Vincent taylor

Strong points

– Power
– Technical
– Hands

In terms of pure physical power, Marvin Wilson is a monster, and this explains in particular the popularity of the prospect before the 2020 season. Able to win the physical duel with ease, he has violent hands which allow him to exploit his maximum advantage. upper body.

Technically, he’s extremely mature. The diversity of his movements makes him unpredictable, and anticipating his action is a real headache. Always active, his main strength is in pass defense, where he is able to be effective in pass rush but also instinctive enough to deflect the pass with his long arms.

Weak points

– Explosiveness
– Constance
– Race defense

Being powerful is good. Being explosive is better. And Marvin Wilson did not reassure in 2020 on this point, seeming to run out of juice on many occasions. This inability to catch up with his counterpart is felt in his statistical production. When he cannot win the physical duel, he can be completely extinguished over the duration of a match.

While Wilson has a very powerful upper body, the lower one is much weaker, and this results in him losing his balance too often. He is eliminated too often and too quickly from the action, and this lack of consistency will be detrimental to him. It also limits his ability to defend the race, as he cannot easily change direction.

Possible destinations

Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Tennesse Titans

Projected in the top 15 before the start of the season, Marvin Wilson has seen his rating collapse this season, to the point of being now expected in the second round (see third in some). There is still enormous potential which could be perfect in a 4-3 defense ideally.

A team like the Cleveland Browns, which have a choice of 59, could be interested in the profile that would thicken the threat, which today comes more from outside players. It is also not impossible that a team « in love » take it early in the second round, like the Cowboys.

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