[Fiches Draft] Joe Burrow (QB), the essential number 1?

Joe Burrow – Quarterback – 23 – Senior – LSU

Cut : 1m93

Weight : 100 kg

Estimated draft position : Top 5

Stats 2019: 5671 yards, 60 touchdowns for 6 interceptions, 76.3% completions

Strong points

– Precision
– Tenacity
– Mobility

5671 yards! 60 touchdowns for only 6 interceptions. All with a pass completion percentage of 76. If the level of college football can help put the performance into perspective, Joe Burrow dominated the highest conference (SEC), dominated college football as a whole by leading his team to the national title.

In addition to qualities as a pitcher, the Ohio State native also stands out for his fighting mentality. His two brothers played in defense at the university level (linebacker and safety) while his father, before being defensive coordinator for 14 seasons with the University of Ohio, was a safety drafted in 1976 by the Green Bay Packers. Joe Burrow plays in attack but he cannot ignore this mentality in which he grew up.

Joe Burrow can’t be called a « double threat », he doesn’t have the speed of Kyler Murray (Cardinals) nor the science of dodging of Lamar Jackson (Ravens) but when necessary, he knows how to use his legs to gain the necessary yards.


Weak points

– Arm power and small hands
– Relative inexperience
– His level in a non-dominant team

Weakness denying him access to the university of his dreams (Nebraska), Joe Burrow’s arm is not the most powerful of the 2020 candidates. Justin Herbert especially and even Tua Tagovailoa have more abilities in this area. However, Joe Burrow knows how to throw and how many times per game does a quarterback have to pass for more than 50 yards? This weakness, relative, is in no way prohibitive as to its success in the NFL.

17 Quarterbacks were in attendance at the 2020 NFL Combine, only one had hands smaller than Joe Burrow’s. A weakness, really? Former NFL quarterback (2003-2010), Chris Simms gives in his podcast (Profootballtalk) two arguments to minimize this aspect. First of all on how this size is obtained: from the little finger to the thumb, the hand is therefore measured more in its width than its length. Thus, the size of the hands of Chris Simms is larger than that of Aaron Rodgers however when he meets the player, the analyst is surprised to see that the Packers pitcher has longer fingers than his.

Then, this son of a two-time Super Bowl winner as a quarterback, explains that there are different ways to hold the leather, more or less on the shoelace or the tip of the ball, depending on the span of the hands. Although the NFL ball is slightly larger than the one used in the NCAA, Joe Burrow’s hands will not represent a weakness. Joe Burrow took the opportunity to joke about it, saying he was considering retiring for fear the ball would just slip out of his tiny hands.

The ten games he plays with Ohio State being rather small ends of games, Joe Burrow has mainly played two seasons and 28 games with LSU. Where Justin Herbert played 43 with Oregon. However, having spent four seasons (five with the one without playing) in two successful programs, Joe Burrow had time to see enough game situations.

A fantastic 2019 season on all points: collective with the national title and individual with the Heisman trophy. But Joe Burrow in 2019 played behind the offensive line voted the best in college football (Joe Moore Award). At his disposal, three receivers with a future in the NFL (Chase, Jefferson, Marshall), a Tight-End who has made a name for himself (Thaddeus Moss) and a successful runner (Clyde Edwards-Helaire). If he is selected by the Cincinnati Bengals, he will instead be in a team among the least successful in the NFL.

Possible destinations

Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers

While at the start of the 2019 season, he was considered a late draft player, for the past few weeks no projection has predicted a player other than him with the first pick of the 2020 draft. Logically, he should join the Cincinnati Tigers after the LSU Tigers.

During Senior Bowl week in January 2020, Zac Taylor and his staff were able to train the player who was voted best player of the game: quarterback Justin Herbert. It would be a feeling like there is sometimes during the draft but the possibility is not to be ruled out. Therefore, the Miami Dolphins or the Los Angeles Chargers could then take advantage of the opportunity.

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