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A little over a month before the draft (April 29), the editorial staff of touchdownactu offers you its annual « draft sheet ». 80 players, 40 in attack and 40 in defense, among the best university players, who will delight your favorite NFL team in 2021.

Jaylen Waddle – Receiver – 22 – Junior – Alabama

Cut : 1m78

Weight: 83 kg

Estimated draft position: Top 10

2020 stats: 28 receptions, 591 yards, 4 touchdowns

NFL Comparison: Tyreek hill

Strong points

– Contested receptions
– Supports

The most spectacular receiver in the draft? It is quite possible for the former resident of Alabama. With incredible explosiveness and support, he risks undermining many opposing defenders. After the reception, he is able to convert any action into a big game or even touchdown as evidenced by his 21.1 yards average per reception in 2020. He has scored three of his four touchdowns on more receptions 20 yards in his last year of college. Its different tracks are well run which reinforces its qualities of separation. From the snap, he can get rid of defenses in press thanks to his fire support and avoid contact with the opposing cornerback.

In addition, he is already ready to battle for contested wrestling. He is very solid in this field although he has not been tested much in this field in the NCAA. In 2020, he was targeted 32 times by his quarterback, he completed 28 passes and he only dropped one on a reception of more than 20 yards.

In addition, on the return kicking phases, he can be very dangerous as a returner thanks to his support and his phenomenal speed.

Weak points

– Experience
– Physics

Waddle has undeniable physical qualities, but his size and weight may pose a problem against very physical defenders in pressure on him like Stephon Gilmore. He was not tested much in man-to-man defense during his university studies. He will have to expand to be able to play eye to eye with these players.

Finally, he lacks repetitions and experience in the NCAA. He only played 971 snaps in three years in Alabama. His talent can fill this lack of experience, but he may need a little time to adapt to NFL defenders.

Possible destinations

Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots

All catcher shortage franchises are possible destinations for the Crimson Tide catcher. This type of catcher is all the rage right now with the advent of Tyreek Hill and several teams are trying to get their gadget catcher. The five teams mentioned above have immediate needs for this position and will be delighted to get this player back at the end of April. If it drops out of the top 10, it won’t come out of the top 15. You can’t snub Tyreek Hill 2.0!

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