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Jamin Davis – Linebacker – Kentucky

Cut : 1m93

Weight: 106 kilos

Estimated position in the draft: 30-50

2020 stats: 102 tackles including 4 for losses and 3 interceptions (10 games)

NFL Comparison: Isaiah Simmons (Cardinals)

Strong points

– Blanket
– athletic

His progression curve was linear and when he finally became the holder, Jamin Davis burst the screen in 2020. Author of one interception per season in 2018 and 2019, he signed 3 in 2020, one of which he returned to 85 yards for a touchdown against Tennessee. He is therefore very much in tune with the job description of a modern linebacker and this role of defender not only against the run, but also against the pass. In the NFL, faced with strong and experienced tight-ends, its man-to-man coverage will have to be refined, but it already offers solid skills in this area.

An efficient tackler, Jamin Davis made up for some technical shortcomings with a lot of speed. He is that famous “sideline to sideline” linebacker able to step in while he was lined up on the other side of the game. During Pro Day at the University of Kentucky, Jamin Davis jumped higher than Isaiah Simmons did. ‘had done at the NFL Combine 2020: also, same impressive result of 3.35 meters in the long jump standing start and a sprint barely a little slower (4.41 against 4.39).

If he excites the NFL scouts so much, it is because in addition to his field production in 2020, he is an « athletic monster ». Among the pros, we ask players in this position to be both strong to stop powerful players in the middle of the race but also to know how to redirect themselves at full speed while the attack plays on the other side. To be powerful enough to perforate huge offensive linemen in sequences and also to be fluid in his movements and be able to follow tight-ends during their tracks. Game intelligence is of course tea a factor, but just as much is being an accomplished athlete.

Weak points

– Experience

Redshirt in 2017, Jamin Davis joined the rotation in 2018. In 2019, his role in the team was more important but not yet that of a starter. In three seasons, Jamin Davis still played 36 games in the top varsity conference, but only 11 as a starter. This means a lack of experience in game situations. At the higher level, where the players are not only better but also smarter to disguise their intentions, Jamin Davis will have to be attentive during the video sessions as well as rely on the advice from teammates.

Possible destinations

Saints, Packers, Chiefs, Jets, Dolphins, Eagles, Broncos

The Saints have a need at the post following the departures of Kwon Alexander and Alex Anzalone. In Green Bay, the duo who will be in their second years only Barnes / Martin seem to have the confidence of the staff, but it would not be surprising to see them add a player of higher caliber. The Chiefs added speed to the 2020 draft with Willie Gay but using just two linebackers the majority of the time, a Gay / Davis duo would be appealing.

In the second round, even if they have other needs, the Jets and Dolphins could add a linebacker. Able to play in 43 or 34, the Eagles and their lack of this position or the Broncos in search of cover and speed alongside AJ Johnson, could be tempted.

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