[Fiches Draft] Christian Watson, the nice surprise?

Christian Watson – Wide Receiver – 22 – Senior – North Dakota State

Cut : 1m96

Weight : 94kg

Estimated draft position: Top 40

Stats 2021: 43 receptions for 800 yards, 15 carries for 114 yards, 8 touchdowns

NFL Comparison: Julio Jones

Strong points

– Physical Dimension
– Speed
– Explosiveness
– Disputed receipts

Christian Watson is the physical prototype of the « great » receiver, capable of dominating his opponent with his physical presence. Formidable in contested receptions, he possesses sufficient intelligence to place his body in such a way as to have the advantage throughout the process.

What makes Watson a potential first-rounder is that he is also fast despite his large size. Explosive from the start, he can make the difference with above average deep speed. This alliance of mobility and size is reminiscent of Julio Jones, although this is obviously only a projection.
Fast, big, powerful and reliable, Watson definitely has a lot going for it. What to dream big.

Weak points

– Separation
– Production
– Adversity
– Hands

As often with wide receivers, creating separation is not his strong point. Winning more by his physical presence and his hands, he does not often have a large space on short and intermediate routes. Not necessarily needing it, it is sometimes too easy, which he should not do in the NFL.

Another “defect” is the lack of production in the second university level. It must be said that the game of North Dakota State does not help to multiply the yards, but it is still an important data for the franchises.

Finally, Watson’s hands can be a problem. With a drop rate of 12%, it is one of the worst students of the vintage. This is not a fatality on a modest volume, but it is what can make it fall.

The stat

3-cone: 6.96, Shuttle: 4.19, Bench: 18 reps (pro day NDSU)

Whether it’s the Senior Bowl, the Combine or Pro Day, Watson has crushed everything in his path. Fast, agile, athletic, powerful, he ticks all the boxes. He is the very incarnation of the player who went « under the radar » during the season, in particular because of the university level and the game of his team.

A player who can’t fulfill his potential in college is a risk, but it’s also a great opportunity. Christian Watson is a ‘boom or bust’, he will either be a huge disappointment or a phenomenon, not sure there is a middle ground.

Possible destinations

Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons

There are more than a dozen teams looking for a number 1 receiver, and even more a big and powerful receiver. Given his performances during the season and after, it is becoming more and more likely to see him in the first round, or at least in the top 40.

Atlanta may want to replace Julio Jones with his clone, while Green Bay may be tempted by a player used to playing in the cold. Anything is possible for Watson, who should be able to contribute from the first year.

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