[Fiches Draft] Chazz Surratt, the defense quarterback | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

Chazz Surratt – Linebacker – North Carolina

Cut : 1m89

Weight: 104 kilos

Estimated position in the draft: 3rd round

2020 stats: 11 games, 91 tackles including 6 sacks, 1 interception, 1 forced fumble

NFL Comparison: Lavonte David (Buccaneers)

Strong points

– Football IQ
– Athletic qualities

In 2017, Chazz Surratt was a freshman with the University of UNC and he was throwing for 1342 yards and 8 touchdowns. Plus 210 yards and 5 touchdowns on the ground. Because yes, he was playing quarterback! He then took over from Mitch Trubisky in Carolina. Good but limited, his coaches advise him to change his position: where many would have refused and asked for a transfer, he did so and yet, it was to the other side of the ball that the transition was offered to him. If as a linebacker, Chazz Surratt knows how to decipher the intentions of the quarterback, it is not by chance.

The move to defense was motivated by his superior athleticism. For four seasons in high school, he played basketball playmaker with career averages of 19 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds! Even with equipment on his shoulders, his athleticism allows him to move with speed and agility. Whether in pursuit, from one side to the other, or in a blitz situation to attack the opposing QB: 22 times holder as linebacker for 22 tackles for losses (including 12 sacks).

Weak points

– Lack of power
– New to the position

His size is not that of a « thumper », this type of very strong linebacker who delivers shocks from the middle of the field. If its speed allows it to be effective in a blitz situation, it is also sometimes held back by offensive linemen, without the ability to get rid of it.

After a transitional 2018 season, he only played in this position for two seasons. Two remarkable seasons of course: 115 then 91 tackles. But only two seasons. Chazz Surratt must therefore still learn the intricacies of this position where he will have to know how to hunt as well as to cover, facing more athletic players than at the university level. His past makes him understand the intentions of the quarterbacks but he still has to progress in reading the block diagram set up by the opponent. It is therefore a bet on the future, while offering qualities for the present. Inside a 34 (like at university) or outside a 43, he has an attractive profile that will be of interest to many teams.

Possible destinations

Broncos, Washington, Eagles, Chiefs

Chazz Surratt would be an interesting addition to run stop specialist AJ Johnson in Denver. Washington’s defense is solid across the board, except maybe at the inside linebacker position where Jon Bostic and Cole Holcomb are okay, no more. The Eagles need a linebacker who can cover so if they miss Zaven Collins (Tulsa) and Jabril Cox (LSU), Chazz Surratt could be a solution in the third round. The Chiefs lack depth at the post, behind the Hitchens-Gay duo.

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