FFF, the explosive investigation of Romain Molina

After So Foot, Romain Molina is preparing to release an investigation this Friday that promises to be explosive for the French Football Federation. “Heads are going to roll”, believes a Spanish journalist.

It’s the big day for Romain Molina. After revealing in the New York Times pedophilia scandals in Haiti or Gabon, the investigative journalist must publish this Friday a long investigation into the excesses of the French Football Federation, incriminating several of its leaders. “It will be a beautiful Friday”, he promised earlier this week on Twitter.

Thursday evening, Romain Molina had fun broadcasting the musical theme of Mr Robot, a series in which the protagonist reverses the system. And this before throwing a first arrow to Didier Deschamps. “Ask him next time for the concealment of jerseys that still existed a while ago (and especially the main person who took care of it)”he wrote, retweeting an article in which the tricolor coach reacted to the recent investigation by So Foot, explaining that « It brings a fairly disturbed climate, but not disturbing as far as I’m concerned. »

Heads will roll in French football

But the worst is yet to come for the FFF. Because according to the Spanish journalist Andres Onrubia Ramos, “This man is going to write history tomorrow. Heads will roll in French football. » “I was one of the many cowards who had received files on the FFF… and who did not dare put their noses in for fear of repercussions. I don’t know everything about the file that will come out but enough to have the sheaf… ”for his part wrote Manu Lonjon, adding about Romain Molina: “You can like it or not. Everyone has his opinion. But for the price of an investigation (a few tens of euros, maybe hundreds), he will have fought for months, he knows that he will take torrents of mud, probably lawsuits … and he does it anyway. I respect that. »

Faced with the reactions that this investigation is about to trigger, the Isérois will have taken all the precautions: « It took a large, powerful, foreign daily, and it took months before it could publish… »observed Manu Lonjon.

This is not the first time that Romain Molina has attacked the FFF. In the fall of 2020, he co-wrote a first investigation in the New York Times evoking “a toxic corporate culture” and revealing accusations of harassment, inappropriate behavior and sexism within the Federation.

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