Fever in Argentina around the Panini World Cup 2022 album

Like every four years, the Argentinians are waiting for the Football World Cup with a firm footing. But this year is special: it will undoubtedly be Lionel Messi’s last. So they hope for it, they feel it: this World Cup will be theirs. And in a particularly difficult economic and social context (inflation which will reach almost 100% at the end of the year, endemic poverty), dreaming of lightness, passion and victory is good.

A sign of this enthusiasm: the fever that is currently being experienced around the Panini sticker album launched at the end of August.

“The fury he has aroused in children and adults is unprecedented, have fun everyday profile. Fanaticism to get your hands on those precious thumbnails […] got to such a point that presales were sold out in less than an hour. In one of the points of sale, 12,000 packets were sold in sixty minutes. People lined up more than a hundred meters in front of shops.

Marketing lack

The daily The Nation to analyse : “Whether it was a planned business strategy or simply that Panini was overwhelmed by unexpected demand, it is clear that the Qatar 2022 sticker album phenomenon has become a paradigmatic case of scarcity marketing. ”

The subject invaded the Argentine media, between amusement and nostalgic tenderness. In an editorial in Spanish from washington postAlejandro Wall, a local sports journalist analyzes, between two childhood memories: “Buying the packets is what keeps Panini’s business machine running. But the fun is to fill one’s album through exchange, to enter this artisanal circuit of the single market for vignettes, a pre-capitalist practice. […] There is something egalitarian in exchange, in barter. A community of exchange is thus formed, a pre-mercantile functioning.

And indeed, dozens of Facebook or Telegram groups have been formed for this purpose. And more traditionally, children and adults meet in the capital’s parks to negotiate their vignettes.

But to have enough to barter, you must first buy. The daily Clarin calculated what budget was needed to fill the album: “In the best-case scenario, if one comes across very few repeating vignettes, it is necessary to purchase 128 five-packs, for a sum of 20,480 Argentine pesos [environ 150 euros]. But, logically, it is almost impossible that the thumbnails do not repeat themselves, and therefore the final price will be much higher.”

For all the Argentinians unable to spend this sum, the dream of a victory is always free.

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