Ferrari underlines the interest of an F1 little modified during the tests

After six days of testing during the winter (three in Barcelona, ​​three in Bahrain), the ten teams are preparing to really launch the 2022 Formula 1 season, this Friday, on the Sakhir circuit. However, many questions remain unanswered, particularly in relation to the hierarchy.

What is certain is that Ferrari did some good winter testing. Fast and consistent in Barcelona (without being flamboyant), the reds impressed the competition last week, so much so that the majority of their rivals put them in the shoes of the favorites. And if carlos sainz does not wish to take on this role, the Madrid driver could not hide his satisfaction following these tests. One of the encouraging things about the Scuderia is that the car driven in both sessions was the same, unlike some rivals (particularly Mercedes) who brought a heavily revised single-seater.

« We brought the car back from Barcelona, ​​we put it on track here and we tried to solve the problems we had with the porpoising to make it faster »explains the Spaniard. « And I think as a driver it also helps to have a consistent car, not having to do aero tests or different mappings, which for the team is always good. But the drivers always have it felt like wasting time to understand the car, and we managed to focus on development of the set-up, with more things to test to see if we could put the car in a better window.« 

Opinion shared by his teammate, Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque driver also thinks that no other team has a better understanding of his single-seater. « I felt confident, because I felt the knowledge we have of our car, probably nobody in the paddock has the same knowledge because they changed it »he reacts to the microphone of « But on the other hand, Red Bull took a big leap forward on the last day with the new developments. I was very surprised to see the Mercedes at the start of testing here in Bahrain, a very different concept for everyone. world, even though all the concepts are quite different. But they were quite extreme. It will be very interesting to see here in qualifying which of the two works better. But I’m happy with our approach, and the fact that we know our car is already very, very good. »

These pre-season tests raised one of the major problems of the new single-seaters: porpoising. On this point, Ferrari is one of the teams that has worked the best, managing to reduce it between Catalonia and Sakhir. « It’s not normal to see an F1 car jump like that »says Sainz. « And we’re working to try to fix that and already in Bahrain testing was much better than in Barcelona and we were able to run the car in a more optimal window. But I think we have to keep working on that, if we want to get rid of it completely. »

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