Ferrari thinks Red Bull spends too much

Following Max Verstappen’s second straight win, Scuderia Ferrari believe Red Bull is falling short of the budget cap.

The second consecutive victory of Max Verstappenin Miami, dealt a real blow to Ferrari. When the Red Bull encounters no reliability problem, the latter is inherently faster than the Ferrari in the current state of development.

At the start of the season, the F1-75 was clearly displayed as the most competitive car on the grid. The Austrian team has therefore well and truly done upgrade your package to make up for its performance delay on the Scuderia, as evidenced by the two victories of the red bull since the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

Yes Ferrari still displays as leader in the constructors’ and drivers’ rankings, we feel that the prancing horse needs to bounce back. This is why she will bring a major upgrade to its single-seater for the next Grand Prix in Barcelona. However, the speed at which Red Bull catches up worries the clan of Maranello in the context of limited expenses.

The question is not on the sporting level, but rather on the regulatory level. Ferrari comes to wonder, if the stable Red Bull not spending too much to make up for its development lagas Mattia Binotto explains:

« When we got to America, we saw the asphalt conditions, it was very rough, and we realized that wasn’t the ideal solution, we needed to focus on tire degradation first instead. than on speed on straight lines. According to our simulations, it was the right decision.

It will be an important package, not the most important of the season. In a technical confrontation, it will last a long time and it will not be a single novelty that will make the difference. But I also think that at some point they will have to stop development, otherwise it wouldn’t explain how they are doing with the budget. We monitor the changes Red Bull makes at each race and estimate the costs: so far they have spent more than us.

The differences are not big, we are talking about two tenths of a second, which in Formula 1 is not much. Our developments will come, Barcelona is the new challenge. We have to make sure that everything we have planned works. As happened this winter. I am bitter not to have won, but happy to be leading the two world championships. », declares the director of the Scuderia at the microphone of the Corriere Della Serra.

Photo: Icon Sports

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