Ferrari tested its evolutions on the track at Monza

The F1-75 shot this Friday in Italy.

This Friday, Ferrari took advantage of one of its authorized filming days this year at the Monza track.

The context does not allow for extensive testing but the Scuderia has covered enough laps to record data from its planned upgrade package for Barcelona, ​​where the Spanish Grand Prix will take place next week.

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Ferrari shared a photo of its car in the hands of Charles Leclerc at Italy’s most famous circuit on Friday afternoon, commenting that the team was now shooting its « Warning […] to Barcelona next weekend. »

A total of 17 laps had to be completed, which indeed corresponds to Monza at the limit of the 100 kilometers allowed. Leclerc’s car was fitted with demo tyres, of course supplied by Pirelli.

The Scuderia had already completed its other day of authorized filming at the Barcelona track during pre-season testing.

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