Ferrari Testarossa Restomod: modernized with respect

It was Officine Fioravanti, a Swiss specialist in the restoration of classic cars, who embarked on this project which some would consider sacrilege. The starting point is one of the most popular Testarossas: the “Monospecchio” (single mirror), the very first version produced from 1984 to 1986. Externally, practically nothing has changed. You have to be a connoisseur to notice that the rims have other dimensions, so that the car can be fitted with modern tires, not just the famous Michelin TRX, which are as impossible to find as they are unaffordable. This Testarrossa is also a little closer to the ground, thanks to adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers.


Fioravanti has indeed retouched the chassis just enough (also adjustable anti-roll bars, new more efficient Brembo brakes), in order to sharpen the initial behavior of the Testarossa while leaving it to be a comfortable GT, rather than make it into a supercar. That said, the engine has not been forgotten. The 4.9-litre flat 12-cylinder is of course retained, but thanks to new pistons, new crankshafts, new injectors and a new electronic control unit, power now exceeds 500 hp. Better: the maximum speed goes from 6,700 to… 9,000 revolutions! It must sing well, the 12-cylinder… Add to this that Fioravanti’s modifications have lightened the Testarossa by some 120 kilos, and you get a top speed of over 320 km/h, against 290 km/h originally.

Increased quality

Finally inside, Fioravanti has obviously redone everything. The quality of finish, weak point of the original Testarossa, is significantly better, among other things thanks to the replacement of certain plastics by aluminum. And top of the top in an icon of the 80s: the car phone. Vintage as you wish, but Bluetooth and perfectly functional.

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