Ferrari switches to hydrogen to power its Maranello plant


Ferrari has just installed a Fuel cell 1 MW solid oxide generator at its Maranello plant.

The plant, built by Bloom Energya company based in San Jose, California, supplies the Italian manufacturer 5% of all the energy it needs to maintain its production operations. This system is more economical by 20%.

Flexible and non-polluting

The advantage of this new solid oxide fuel cell system is that it is also very flexible. The system can run on hydrogen, natural gas, biomethane or even a combination of these three sources. Without forgetting that, still compared to a traditional system, it reduces polluting emissions by 99%.

« Ferrari is more focused than ever on the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, through the adoption of advanced technologies and a scientific approach that are part of our DNA »said Benedetto VignaCEO of Ferrari. « We are delighted to collaborate with Bloom Energy, given their strong shared commitment to a decarbonization process, and proud that their first project in Europe has been completed with us ».

The impianto fuel that a ossido solido installato dentro la fabbrica Ferrari

Towards carbon neutrality

Ferrari gave details of its electrification strategy last week on Capital Markets Day. The Maranello company has announced a commitment on several fronts, working on the electrification of the range and the reduction of polluting emissions in all of its activities.

In particular, it has declared that it will achieve climate neutrality by the end of the decade and that it will do so through electric and hybrid models, the « Bosco Ferrari » reforestation project and other thematic initiatives. The fuel cell plant that has just been commissioned is part of this strategy.


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