Ferrari: supported by institutional partners

Ferrari announced last night the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Italian Minister for Economic Development (MISE), with the National Agency for Foreign Investment and Economic Development (Invitalia) and with the Milia-Romagna Region.

According to the memorandum of understanding, the signatories will support Ferrari in its investment projects in technology, production, innovation as well as in its social and environmental commitments.

MISE’s contribution could reach nearly 106 million euros, a sum dedicated to industrial projects and R&D activities aimed at reducing environmental impact and increasing digitization.

The Milia-Romagna region will also provide additional funding, in collaboration with other relevant local bodies.

“As we execute our investment plan, we are happy to be able to count on the support and collaboration of the institutions,” reacts Benedetto Vigna, managing director of Ferrari.

‘We share a common objective: to make our territory a center of excellence, ever more attractive for the new skills required by the automotive industry’, he adds.

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