Ferrari return ‘good for F1’

Legendary Formula 1 team, Ferrari had experienced a real descent into hell in 2020. Sixth in the constructors’ standings with 131 small points (in five races in 2022, the Scuderia is already at 157 points), 2021 had begun a return for the Scuderia to the front positions, with a car battling with McLaren to finish third in the constructor.

This year, after five Grand Prix, the duel between Ferrari and Red Bull already seems to be the story of the season. A return of the Scuderia in the fight for the title which is appreciated by many, including Christian Horner himself, yet the first direct opponent of the reds.

“It’s great to fight against Ferrari, it’s good for Formula 1 to have Ferrari competitive. » Horner told CNN Sport. “Charles Leclerc is doing a very good job, Carlos Sainz is also a first-class driver. We know that Mercedes will solve its problems. It’s great for Formula 1 to have another team in the fight. »

Horner also returned to the start of the title fight between his driver Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. “It’s a great competition between this young generation coming up. Charles and Max have been fighting together since they were kids. The battle between the two at every Grand Prix so far has been fantastic. »

Faced with the new regulations and the fierce battle against Mercedes last year, Horner is relieved to see his team still at the top of the timesheets. « After putting so much effort into last year’s car, to get to these new regulations, we chose to take this risk because we had an opportunity to win last year and you have to go for it. »

“It put enormous pressure on the team in the second half of last season. […] Personally, I didn’t expect us to start the year as competitively as we did. To be on the front row of race one, to win race two, to win and to get a one-two finish at Imola was an incredible start for us, and I commend the whole team for doing such a phenomenal job in such a short time. short. »

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