Ferrari president backs Binotto but demands progress

Scuderia Ferrari are playing at home this weekend, at the Italian Grand Prix, hoping to return to the success they have been seeking since the Austrian Grand Prix in early July. While the world title escapes irretrievably, the Italian team wants to finish its season as well as possible, but also and above all to put behind it a series of errors which inevitably crystallized the criticisms around the team principal, Mattia Binotto. The latter has received the unfailing support of its president at Monza, who however expects progress and spares absolutely no one internally.

« We have immense confidence in Mattia Binotto and we value everything he and our engineers have done »assures John Elkann in the columns of La Gazzetta dello Sport. « But there is no doubt that the work at Maranello, in the garage, on the pit wall and behind the wheel has to progress. We have to keep improving and that goes for the mechanics, for the engineers, for the drivers and, obviously, for the whole management, including the team manager. »

« We saw that there were still too many errors in terms of reliability, driving and strategy. Trusting Binotto and his team was the right decision, and it paid off. Thanks to them, we We’re competitive and we’re winning again. But I’m not satisfied because I think we can always do better. »

John Elkann therefore adopts the tone of confidence, coupled with that of firmness. A way of fully assuming the choice of men, of recognizing the recovery of the Scuderia after its catastrophic 2020 season, but also of recalling the requirements and ambitions which, at this stage, have not been fully met.

« Our first objective was to be competitive »admits the president of Ferrari. « If we’re not, there’s no point, even if we work on reliability. That’s why I believe that by 2026 Ferrari will win the constructors’ and drivers’ world titles again, with Charles Leclerc on pole position. We are lucky to have two great drivers, probably the strongest pair in Formula 1. »

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