Ferrari prepares its revolution and thinks about electric cars

Europe has just announced that car manufacturers will have to offer a 100% electric fleet in 2035, with the aim of limiting greenhouse gases. An expected decision, which gives an ultimatum to the automotive world to evolve.

Although Ferrari and the small manufacturers have a loophole in the text of the law which allows them to offer thermal cars longer than the others, the Italian brand seems to want to fall into line.

Ferrari does not want to do like everyone else

While the electrification of the vehicle fleet is the concern of many manufacturers « general public » for years, this is not the case of the Prancing Horse of Modena. Late on this point, Ferrari has just confirmed the release in September of its first SUV, the Purosangue, which will be equipped with a sumptuous atmospheric V12 in the pure tradition of Italian sports cars.

But now, despite the traditions, Ferrari, will have to conform to current market trends, and do, like all the other manufacturers of electric cars. Mdespite their love for the mechanics of yesterday, the engineers at Maranello will have to turn to the technologies of tomorrow and the Purosangue is in this respect a fine demonstration of Ferrari’s desire to modernize and offer products that stand out habits of the firm.

A historic shift for Ferrari

While everyone expects Ferrari to offer an electric car, the Italian brand is cultivating Apple-style secrecy in the Tech world. For the moment very little information has leaked about this car of tomorrow, except that Jony Ive, the designer of the iPhone should be part of it as a member of the design team.

It remains to be seen whether Ferrari lovers will accept the switch to electric as well as those of Porsche, who after a lack of love for the first few months are buying Taycans, the first 100% electric car from the German firm, in droves.

According to the roadmap given by Ferrari this week regarding its electrification, the strategy could be quite different from its historical rival Porsche. Indeed, the Italian horse is likely to wait until 2025 before presenting a non-thermal model, and the latter will only be produced in very few copies, not enough to make it the spearhead of the brand which will keep an image. of sports cars, thermals therefore.

40% electric cars in 2030

To get an idea of ​​Ferrari’s calendar, the brand assures that its plan is not to exceed 5% of all-electric sales before 2026. A time when the hybrid should have taken precedence over the rest of production. , he who will represent, according to Ferrari’s estimates, 55% of its sales.

In 2030, 80% of the Ferraris that will leave the Maranello factories will be hybrid or totally electric. Cars simply powered by the blue fairy should represent 40% of Ferrari sales, which is not likely to be in the European nails, with 100% of electric sales for 2035.

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