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From 1er September 2022 and direct from the office in Milan, Italy, Ferrari will be held by a new hand. The general manager of the Italian manufacturer, Benedetto Vigna, has indeed appointed Carla Liuni as head of the management of the prancing horse brand and its diversification. After this appointment, this big boss who had been acting in the position for a few months said that “The Ferrari name is universally recognized and admired, synonymous with Italian style, performance and innovation. It is increasingly essential to be able to build and maintain a relevant brand identity that resonates with our community and reflects the world we live in. Carla has the experience, leadership and skills to protect and nurture our brand as it grows. We are delighted to have her join us”. Recall that John Elkann is the executive chairman of Ferrari.

Carla Liuni new Ferrari brand director

For the new manager, the main mission will be to perpetuate the brand’s heritage while ensuring its image with the future generation, while Ferrari is soon to present its new business plan in a future of electrified cars. Note that this reinforcement is the last step in a top management reshuffle announced earlier this year by Benedetto Vigna to streamline the corporate structure. It therefore underlines the importance that the company attaches to the exploitation of its brand. Known for its sporty luxury cars and participation in F1, Ferrari has embarked on a broad diversification strategy. The Italian firm hopes that its so-called extension approach will represent 10% of its profits within a decade.

Carla Liuni has spent her entire career in the luxury and high-end sectors, working for various global brands. She was notably Marketing Director at Pandora, where she played a central role in the company’s turnaround. Previously, she led marketing and communications at Bulgari globally.

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