« Ferrari has less work than Mercedes for the coming season »

Damon Hill feels Mercedes has more work to do than Ferrari to be able to catch Red Bull in 2023, given the pace of F1-75 last season.

Even though the Red Bull team won a majority of victories last season, Scuderia Ferrari can boast of having signed twelve pole positions in 2022, which they were ultimately only able to convert into four victories. After a promising start to the season, the Italian team failed to exploit the potential of its single-seater, in particular following errors in strategy and driving, in the face of the almost perfect performance of the Red Bull.

Mercedes, for its part, encountered difficulties from the start of the season following changes to the technical regulations. The team never gave up and even ended up threatening Ferrari at the end of the season in the battle for second place in the constructors’ standings. The Silver Arrows have only picked up one victory in 2022, however, thanks to their brace in the penultimate round at Interlagos in Brazil.

The 1996 world champion thinks Ferrari should have an advantage over Mercedes when it comes to putting pressure on Red Bull next season: “ [Ferrari] has less to do than Mercedes“said Damon Hill on Sky Sports F1.

 » Mercedes produced a car that they clearly misunderstood something and are going to have to reset, whereas Ferrari released a car that was pretty good to start with. »

 » They failed to capitalize throughout the season but I think they will have less hard work for next year. [2023] than Mercedes. »

Ferrari’s second place in the constructors’ standings in 2022 allows them to benefit from more time in the wind tunnel compared to Red Bull, themselves penalized for having exceeded the budget cap in 2021. With stable regulations and in view of the best performances shown by Ferrari in 2022, all lights are green for the Scuderia against Mercedes, in the battle against Red Bull.

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