Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche… The latest supercars attacking Goodwood

Day one of the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed, this Thursday June 23, is over. Rain hampered some of the action, but that didn’t stop a plethora of exotic cars, concepts, new vehicles and unique projects from tackling the hill.

The short video above, produced by the team at Goodwood, showcases some of the most interesting machines that have appeared.

The clip opens with what might be the most anticipated car for hypercar enthusiasts. The Mercedes-AMG One put on a show of speed and technology, stopping halfway through to activate its high-performance aerodynamic features before hurtling towards the finish line.

Ford’s Electric SuperVan followed and didn’t pause as it climbed the hill. BMW’s new M3 Touring made a slow climb in the rain, which also hampered passing Polestar and Bugatti. The three-wheeled Electra Meccanica and electric Mustang Charge also had to deal with a wet track.

Travis Pastrana didn’t have to worry about water, and we doubt it would have bothered him anyway. At the wheel of his wildly customized Subaru GL Gymkhana wagon, he didn’t hesitate to hit the gas. The passage also revealed the station wagon’s creative active aerodynamic components for braking.

Czinger and Ferrari wowed the crowds with their exotic supercars, followed by Radford’s Lotus Type 62-2 which looked race-ready and the 911 Sport Classic which looked race-ready.

The video ends with three very different but equally impressive vehicles. Genesis sent its decidedly big, electrified G80 to Goodwood, torturing the tires in what can only be described as an enthusiastic ride to the finish line.

The Prodrive P25 made its in-person debut at the event with an equally enthusiastic drive, while sending butterflies in the stomachs of classic Subaru rally fans. Speaking of butterflies, the stunning Ferrari SP3 Daytona ends the video, battling traction on a track very wet but being absolutely stunning in the mist.

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