Ferrari also increases its prices

Benedetto Vigna, the boss of the Italian luxury brand, has indicated that Ferraris will be more expensive from the start of 2023.

Automotive sector inflation

Hit by semiconductor shortages, the energy and raw materials crisis, the automotive sector is facing a sharp rise in prices. To be able to cope with this, he is obliged to pass on this price increase to their customers. In addition to doing faced with long delays before delivery cars, consumers also face rising vehicle prices. This price increase concerns the entire automotive sector, that is to say that luxury car brands are not spared.

The first week of July 2022, Benedetto Vigna, the CEO of Ferrari, announced a price increase for the cars for the start of 2023. In addition to this announcement, the boss of the horse brand indicated that the production of cars went slow down in 2023. The objective of this operation is to accentuate the rarity of the brand. Ferrari also wants to reduce delivery times for its customers.

Record results in 2022

These announcements were made when commenting on the brand’s results for the first half of 2022. In the first six months of 2022, Ferrari delivered 6,706 new vehicles. During the second quarter of the year, Ferrari recorded a year-on-year increase in sales of 28.7% and recorded a turnover of €1.29 billionup 24.5% compared to the same period in 2021. Thus, for the whole of 2022, the Italian manufacturer forecasts revenues amounting to 4.9 billion euros.

In addition, with the European Union’s decision to ban the sale of new thermal engine vehicles in 2035, Ferrari has announced that it will launch its first range of electric cars. A first 100% electric vehicle should see the light of day in 2025. Faced with the success of SUVs, Ferrari adapts will present its first model of the Purosangue in September 2022. Purosangue will be part of the Ferrari tradition and will be equipped with a V12 engine and should represent less than 20 % of brand production.

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