Ferrari: « A huge step forward compared to last season »

Laurent Mekies, sporting director of Scuderia Ferrari, recalls « huge step forward » achieved by the team during the 2022 financial year.

The Frenchman was questioned by Canal + on the lessons to be learned from this season, where Red Bull and Max Verstappen seem on their way to achieving the double championship of drivers and championship of constructors.

Second in the two championships and in the fight for them during the first half of the season, Scuderia Ferrari remains satisfied with the progress made in 2022, after two seasons 2020 and 2021 where the team did not evolve at the forefront.

The Maranello team finished a lowly 6th in 2020, having been penalized in 2019 for an illegal engine. It had entered into a secret agreement with the FIA ​​and had been heavily impacted in terms of powertrain performance in the following two seasons.

In 2021, it finished in 3rd place in the constructors’ championship, with a Carlos Sainz finishing 5th in the drivers’ championship standings, while Charles Leclerc finished in 7th position.

Mekies highlights the positive aspects of the 2022 season

With 6 races remaining on the 2022 calendar, Ferrari is already analyzing the reasons for the gap separating the team from a first constructors’ title which has eluded the team since 2008.

« Of course, we don’t wait for the 17th race to analyze what is happening, » began Laurent Mekies.

But he retains above all the fact of fighting at the front of the peloton in 2022.
« You know, the overall analysis of the season is first of all the huge step forward that we have taken compared to last year, or two years ago, » he pointed out. He then concludes:

« It is this foundation that allows us to understand what are the next steps we must take to get what we have not managed to get this year. »

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