Ferrari 296 GTS, when the spider has a velvet paw

NEW – The latest plug-in hybrid model from the Italian firm is already available in a convertible version. The key is an electric range of 25 km.

No downtime at Ferrari. Hardly had the 296 GTB plug-in hybrid berlinetta submitted to the judgments of the press than its spider variant was presented. Both models share the same electrified technology which exempts enthusiasts from taxation that has become confiscatory. The homologation figures have not yet been disclosed but they should not be very far from those of the berlinetta. As a reminder, the 296 GTB has a standardized consumption of 6.4 l/100 km, which corresponds to CO emissions2 149 g/km. For the first time in a road vehicle bearing the emblem of the prancing horse, the heat engine is a six-cylinder. Its 120-degree V-shaped architecture allows it to take up little space under the rear cover. It displays the exceptional performance of 221 hp/litre.


With a displacement of 2,992 cm3, this V6 installing the two turbos in the center of the V displays an impressive power of 663 horsepower. With the combination of the 167 hp electric motor also placed at the rear, the two versions of the 296 (GTB and GTS) claim a power of 830 hp. Like the berlinetta, the spider can have an electrical range of 25 km.

If the 296 GTS is very close to its sister, the rear part has been redesigned to take into account the removal of the roof and the installation of an electrically retractable roof. The headgear pivots around its axis to fit into storage under the rear cover. The maneuver is completed in 14 seconds up to a speed of 45 km/h. Behind the seats, a small adjustable glass window prevents air turbulence in the passenger compartment.


Like the GTB berlinetta, the spider can benefit from the Assetto Fiorano pack which is distinguished by adjustable Multimatic shock absorbers, carbon appendages on the front bumper and an interior made of lightweight carbon fiber materials. The 296 GTS will be marketed in the course of 2022.


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