Federico Chiesa ignites for Cristiano Ronaldo

Very good in 2021 with Juventus, and with Italy that he brought to victory at Euro 2020, Federico Chiesa (24) is encountering more difficulties during the current exercise. Three goals and three offerings in sixteen games since the start of the season, it’s not yet perfect for the transalpine winger. In an interview for la Repubblica, he returned to his youth idols who are Kaka and Alessandro Del Piero.

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However, he was marked by a player in his early career, Cristiano Ronaldo: “I had the chance to spend a year with one of the greatest champions in football history: Cristiano Ronaldo. Seeing him live, his dedication, his mental strength, being decisive and present in all situations … He was a constant inspiration for me. Cristiano is on a planet of his own. It was exciting to work with him and see what he does to be so strong. ”

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