Federico Bernadeschi has no regrets about his departure from Juventus | Juventus-fr.com

In an interview with DAZN, Federico Bernardeschi said he had no regrets about his choice to leave Juventus to play in Toronto in MLS. He reviews his time at Juventus and his current club. Check out some of his statements in this article.

Regrets about leaving Juventus?

« No, absolutely zero. I played in a top club in Europe, I won a lot, I’m European champion and we did something extraordinary with my teammates in the national team. When I see this child, left for Fiorentina, I wonder what dreams he had then: those. »

The great players he met at Juventus when he arrived:

« When I entered the Juventus locker room, I was 23, not 23. Buffon, Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli, Marchisio, Khedira, Mandzukic, Matuidi… I mentioned some 8 who have won the World Cup, the Champions League… What are we talking about? Nothing. At 23, entering a locker room of these people… If I am what I am today today it is surely thanks to a percentage of this dressing room. With personality, character, but always with a lot of respect. »

Italian football:

« In Italy maybe we live football more as an obsession. Obviously we play for the fans and we also have to be grateful to them, but in my opinion, in life there always have to be limits and sometimes, unfortunately, we have exceeded them a bit. »

His choice to play in Toronto in MLS:

« I would never have made such a choice if I hadn’t come to see first how it was. I was lucky enough to stay at two big clubs in Italy. My name is Federico Bernardeschi, I am to Milan and I’m on a plane that says ‘Toronto’, not ‘Los Angeles’ or ‘New York’, so I’m going there with my family so if anything came out I would have used the vacation excuse. in 5 years MLS will become the first world league, what will you say to me, have I taken a step forward or a step back?

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