FC Porto in Colombia: an example of diplomatic football – 2022-10-04 at 14:00

FC Porto in Colombia: an example of diplomatic football

FC Porto in Colombia: an example of diplomatic football

Between FC Porto and Colombia a close relationship has been established for many years now. Initiated by transfers with resounding success (Radamel Falcao, James Rodríguez or Luis Díaz), it has since been maintained by various initiatives from both parties. Enough to seal a strong sporting link enjoyed by Dragons, Colombians and Portuguese in general, this link having gone beyond the borders of football to extend to the highest spheres of relations between the two countries.

If most current historians agree on the Genoese origins of Christopher Columbus, a tenacious rumor faces it in Portugal. Maintained by certain researchers, this one maintains the idea of ​​a Portuguese Christopher Columbus. Two centuries after his name was given to the former province of New Granada, his gift for discovery has been passed on to FC Porto scouts who have made Colombia their favorite playground. Since 2009, nine players from Colombian lands have worn the colors of the main Dragons team. And not least. They are called Radamel Falcao, James Rodríguez, Jackson Martínez, Fredy Guarín or more recently Matheus Uribe and Luis Díaz. In barely thirteen years, Colombia has thus become the fourth most represented foreign country in terms of players in the history of the club, far behind countries with obvious links to Portugal such as Brazil (123 players) or Spain. (12 players), but ahead of Angola (8 players). In terms of games played, Colombia (771 appearances) even climbed to third place ahead of Spain (750 appearances). This rose water story also hides a gold mine. Behind the names of James, Falcao, Díaz or Martínez, the Dragons have benefited from nearly 170 million euros in sales. It is therefore easy to understand the FCP’s desire to preserve its interests in Colombia. But how do these interests serve those of the countries they involve?

FC Porto thanks Colombia, and vice versa

In 2008, before experiencing the success of its future relationship with Colombia, FC Porto launched « Dragon Force », a program of international football schools. The first of these schools opened in 2014 in Bogotá, in the EFA Deportes club. However, contact with the Colombian capital was not made on the initiative of the Portuguese club, but on that of the director of the South American club, Bernardo Uricoechea, who was well inspired by the success of his compatriots in the Read the rest of the article on SoFoot.com

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